Is God in the Questions? Is the Devil in the Answers?


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Gaëtan Marquer
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Gaëtan Marquer I am amazed by the ever flowing creativity displayed by Salqiu.
This sophomore record is a nice step up from the debut full-length. It's a logical continuation but even more developed, imo.
It has a unique, unmistakble aura that could evoke cosmic rituals and incredibly dark abstractness.
It is destabilizing, powerful, mesmerizing and definitely stimulating.
I feel like it's technically more advanced, and the songwriting is more defined.
Probably not for everyone but fascinating nonetheless. Favorite track: Capitulating the Fruit of Eden.
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The sophomore album by SALQIU finds the project attempting at different directions and trying new approaches..
This is the raw, untampered side of Salqiu's sound, evolving into uncharted grounds.

I will take your money, whatever sum you want to give, if you want the album in your BC collection or just want to help out this lost soul, but the album is free, so I will leave it to you to decide if it deserves the attention of your pocket.

Salqiu will start right away working on an even more challenging set of releases: The Concept - volumes 1 to 6 which will be a collection of 6 EPs, each one adopting a specific concept.

Now go and enjoy some stuff that was very fun to do!


released February 25, 2017

Salqius Laurentius - Everything, except where stated

Mattos Maul - Guitars on "The Silurian Kinship"; Guitar Solo on "Void"; Guitar Solo on "Enthroned Serenity".
Paulo Chagas - Flute on "Void", Sax on "Capitulating the Fruit of Eden" and "The Second Coming"
Jakob Rausch - Lute on "Subpoena"



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SALQIU Quinta Do Conde, Portugal

A mysterious entity swallowing the light into the darkest abyss, marching mechanically into the realms of Salqiu, the most obscure Lusitanian Warrior God of the Dead and the Underworld...

there is a Cosmos in the Underworld. A Dark, obscure aura that must be unveiled...
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Track Name: Capitulating the Fruit of Eden
The crystalline portrait of water stained with crumbling petals,
hooded masks sewn inward to the jaw,
fountain coins oxidized green
on the silted gravel of disillusioned wishes,
rusted copper indentations,
pyroclastic bleeding from the mountains
of their cloistered hearts,

Their crooked limbs point skyward in condolence for their dreams,
orchestrating dessication of their oceans
where luminous jellyfish grate
their seedless tentacles against tidal sand grains.

Oil curdles in the wind,
compressed flames caressing the wick,
Soldering the brazen coffins
for our personalities lurching their ashes
into the maroon sky,
Where the sun is bloodshot,
where the wind coughs
black condensated streaks for clouds
across the pale backdrop of our leaking cities
lungs locked in concrete
coupled with the network,
our pupils expand to ferric grey,
Welded in our systematic self slaughter.

Capitulating the fruit of Eden.
What is Satan?
What of the serpent?
What of the red rivers by which our shape is carved?
Track Name: Void
As Black refracts nothing
consuming it all
bestowing no colours
the sum of all information
is drained in void
devoured, depleted, striped of all content
emptying my soul
So I question still
Having seing it all
I retained nothing
nor could I ever
for knowledge is either deific or devilish
and I am just a fading ghost
I wander through the hole in me
my whole is just a vessel
exuding answers to no questions
and guzzling questions to no avail
How can I patch it? How can I know?
What does this mean? Its beyond my capacity
Uncertainty devours me
as my soul tries to reach out
I culvert the void
to see if the answers
are caught in the strainer
but the void takes its toll
and my mind goes blind, dazzled, blurred
and the pain still grows in me
the pain of uncertainty
Where do I go now,
if I'm part of the game as a whole?
How will I look now,
if the answers are either above or below me?
And all I can see are the questions, questions, fucking questions!
Why is this fear consuming me
as I get closer to know?
why is this darkness exhausting me
juggling my soul , in cunning loathe? God is in the questions? the Devil in the answers?
...does uncertainty preserve sanity?...will Knowledge metonym madness?
Track Name: Enthroned Serenity
Enthroned serenity
in the altar of me
as I quietly embrace
the downward spiral vertigo
into my sanctum
that sweet, docile vertigo
which enthrales me
transposing my soul
into the oblivious realms
of fully loaded

In the altar of me
serenity is enthroned
texturized abeyance
in suspended thoughts
flood my dormant mind
with uncharted colors
and overflowing images
of vacant havens
that I once inhabited

In the altar of me
serenity is enthroned
I am now whole while being nothing
I am now one with the void
I am void
yet I am full of everything

And in this quindity
my quintessence is materialized
slowly, in quietude revealed
calmly flowing
hushly streaming
and I let myself go
diving in the downward spiraling
in the altar of me
Track Name: The Conjuring Part 2 - The Arise
I rise, a pederast in the throne of foes
I divinize myself as a whore, a trademark of sin
And I hate all that is not me
I satanize myself as the power of Moses stick
The punishment of the serpents
Is the grin in my teeth.
And fiendish hell is unleashed
by my voice!

I am the bloody red of the gaping sex
in the lashes that wear the whiplash
I am panthemonium,
the three faces of gluttony
I am the genius of Zarathrusta
I am the wrath of Medusa
I am the Sun damnation

I will sing Sodoma
In the voice of Nero
I will bury Pompei
Under the roar of my apocalypse

And they all shall envy my curse
for it is so sublime.
They will envy it,
I conjure and imprecate
That they will see my glory and pray
While I laugh histerically
Track Name: The Conjuring Part 3 - I Am Abandon
I am abandon, the ill-fated
In the wrath of my Barbarian grandfathers
I can hear the wind whispering my fate
As a moan of the vanquished
As the sound of the anger
And hunger for the pillaging
My voice is the sigh of the malediction
In the eternal ancient tongue
Of the pagan gods
I roam like the spirit of Diogenes
Detached, undone, unsurpassed
but lightless as the distant stars
spreading my seed of hate
while seating in Herods throne
I am like the universal flood
Always growing, always rising my tide
Until I flood the sun
I am debris of all gone civilizations
As the wings of a defunct phoenix
I am the relics of the crucified martyrs
And their blasphemous secret vices
I embraced the mother of all evil
And impaled her with my flesh spear
To begot the languid pleasures
And give them my signature
Of skin, of bodily spasm
I feed on the decimating frenzy
Of the crushing invaders
That harvested the blood
Of genocide
I am the dormant acrimony
That burst at each breath of humanity
And juggles random distress upon men
Track Name: The Conjuring Part 4 - The Second Coming
The loose breathe
Torn against the massive sky.
at the abyss it craters
An incessant deception
drags you to the depths
In unholy land.
Lightning crawls for this God.
This God of loneliness
Riding the shoulders of Hell.

Who sees me, perfidious
In the shadow of the trapdoor?
ricocheting light?
Inexpiable in my punishment?
I sing fatality
So, would you follow me?

I am miserable and disturbing.
I loathe myself to bereft the landscapes.
Vest them with devastated trees,
Endow them in crestfallen men.
A bestiary rushing up.
Shaking all.

I am Salqiu